Apple's Now Includes Notes & Reminders

Apple’s iCloud Web interface now includes access to Notes and Reminders, MacRumors noted Thursday. The additional features, which Apple has been beta testing since July, allow iCloud customers to access and their notes and reminders from any computer with a modern Web browser.

iCloud Web Interface

The interface for Notes and Reminders matches that of their Mac and iOS counterparts, and syncing changes between the Web and Apple hardware is fast and simple.

iCloud Web Notes

iCloud Web Reminders

Find My iPhone was also updated slightly, with a redesigned, sleeker interface.

iCloud Web Find My iPhone

The improvements to offer existing iCloud customers greater convenience, but also act as a draw to new iCloud customers on  non-Mac platforms. Apple offers some iCloud features on Windows with its iCloud control panel but, like much of Apple’s Windows software, its functionality is limited and inconsistent.

Easy Web access makes iCloud a more attractive proposition for Windows and Linux iDevice customers.

While iCloud can be used on its own, it works best when syncing with iOS devices and Macs. The latest version of iOS, iOS 6, will be available Wednesday, September 19 as a free update for compatible devices.