Apple’s iWatch Coming in 2013

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Rumors claim Apple's iWatch is coming in 2013Apple's rumored "iWatch" smartwatch is apparently real and will start showing up on user's wrists before the end of 2013. That's the word from anonymous sources who claim to know what the Cupertino-based company is up to.

The iWatch, according to unnamed sources talking with Bloomberg, could include caller ID, the ability to make calls, seeing your current location, a pedometer, a heart rate monitor, and more. Other sources claim the smartwatch will run iOS, just like the iPhone and iPad.

Apparently battery life is an ussue on current prototypes, according to The Verge's sources. Apple wants the watch to run a week before recharging, but currently its battery lasts only a couple days.

Of course, Apple hasn't commented on the iWatch rumor, so there isn't any guarantee that it will launch before the end of the year -- or at all.

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Assuming Apple has wearable technology devices in its labs is a pretty safe assumption, but that doesn't mean the company plans on making a watch. Apple has already toyed with wearable tech (think iPod nano) so it isn't a big reach to think more is on the way.

With the fabled Apple HD television still nothing more than a rumor, we're expecting to see the iWatch rumors gaining more steam since everyone is always on the hunt for the Next Great Apple Rumor.

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The rumored Apple watch remains the least appealing product category I’ve heard associated with Apple since Jobs returned. However, the recent breakthrough in graphene supercapacitors (think thin, light, flexible batteries*) did make me think that a tall narrow screen (like the iPhone 5 but taller) that could wrap around my wrist slap-bracelet style might be appealing since it could (1) look nothing like traditional watches and (2) replace my phone rather than being yet-another device to carry. Even so, I think I’d still keep it in a pocket most of the time.

* Graphene supercapacitors )

Lee Dronick

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Apple has me very worried with this iWatch idea.  It’s too limited in capability. One of two hands can’t reach it for input (if any). And “looking down” at a watch (or raising it up to look) has a history of being socially disruptive and rude.
I sincerely HOPE that Apple is working on a Google Glass-like eyeglass display unit as well.  Otherwise I see Apple slipping seriously behind the wave.

Ultimately I don’t want a unit that just gives me notifications (alerts, reminders, alarms):  I want a unit that will develop into a full-use computer (perhaps with the core bulk nearby in my pocket/purse) and I see a Glass unit as easily having that possibility.

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