Apple's iWatch Team Apparently 100 Strong

New rumor says 100 people working on Apple iWatch projectRumors surrounding Apple's iWatch smartwatch device keep coming on strong and the latest claims the company has 100 people working on the unconfirmed product. The team apparently includes hardware and software designers from the iPhone and iPad, managers, and staff from the company's marketing group.

This latest rumor comes courtesy of Bloomberg speaking with two unnamed people who claim to be familiar with the company's plans.

The watch will allegedly include some iOS functions and will link to the iPhone wirelessly. Unnamed sources also claim it will include Siri voice control support, notification support, mobile payment features, navigation support, and caller ID.

Bloomberg isn't the only company to get on the iWatch bandwagon. Both the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal have both run reports claiming the device is in development and that prototypes are already in the testing phase.

So far Apple hasn't offered up a confirmation or denial, which is in line with the company's policy of not commenting on rumor and speculation. Without any word coming from Apple, iWatch rumors have taken off like wild fire, much like reports of the still nonexistent Apple Television.

While it's very likely that Apple is experimenting with wearable technology, including smartwatches, there isn't any guarantee the company plans to bring any of those products to market. For now, that leaves the iWatch firmly planted in the rumor camp, and that won't likely change soon.