Apple's iWork Apps Triggering Blue Screen of Death on iPhone 5s

Apple's iWork apps are triggering a Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) for iPhone 5s users. Many iPhone 5s—and the issue appears to be limited to the iPhone 5s—owners have reported the trouble, which centers around Apple's Pages, Keynote, and Numbers apps and causes the device to crash to a blue screen and then reboot when working with those apps.

It looks something like this:

iPhone 5s Blue Screen of Death

iPhone 5s BSOD

BSOD is a term made infamous for Windows XP and earlier versions of Microsoft's desktop OS, which were known for their instability and frequent crashes. Allow me to say that Apple getting its own BSOD is not a badge of honor for the company, its products, or its users.

The issue occurs after opening a document in one of the apps and then going to iOS's multitasking app switcher, as shown in the video below. I was able to replicate this on my iPhone 5s with Pages several times, but it did not occur for me with Numbers or Keynote. I did get a crash in Numbers without the BSOD.

Many users are complaining about this in Apple's forums, as noted by The Verge, however, and for all three apps. Apple forum member Gurinders notes that turning off iCloud document syncing can stop the problem, but I personally got a BSOD with Pages after doing so. Your mileage may vary.

Hopefully this is something that Apple will address soon, but so far the company has not acknowledged the problem.