Apple’s Jon Ive Buys $17 Million San Francisco Home

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Sir Jonathan Ive, Senior Vice President of Industrial Design at Apple, has plunked down US$17 million for a 7,274-square-foot home in San Francisco. Sitting in San Francisco's exclusive "Gold Coast" neighborhood, the house has six bedrooms and 8 1/2 bathrooms.

Jon Ive's House

Sir Jonathan Ive's New Home
Photograph by Jacob Elliott from Real Estate Listing

The Wall Street Journal reported that the house had been on the market for $25 million. In addition to the many bedrooms and bathrooms, the house has a nice view of the San Francisco Bay, an oak-paneled library, a courtyard garden, and six fireplaces. It also sports a two-bedroom, one bathroom staff apartment.

The "Gold Coast" neighborhood is really a short section of Broadway in the Pacific Heights neighborhood. As you can see in the map below, it's not actually on the coast, but that's just nitpicking.

Gold Coast Neighborhood

Gloria Smith and Jon Taylor of Sotheby’s International Realty had the listing. As the "Sotheby's" name suggests, this firm specializes in high-end houses around the world. If you want to do a little tech-exec gawking, the 700 word description of the home in its listing describes a breath-taking building.

You can also see 13 images of the house at the bottom of the listing.

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Above and beyond the reality that an Apple executive spending millions of dollars on a house in the Bay Area usually makes the news, there's another interesting aspect to this story—this house purchase suggests Sir Jon is going to stay put in California, and therefore Apple.


There have been intermittent rumors in recent years that Jonathan Ive wanted to go back home to England. These rumors surfaced again in the fall of 2011 after Steve Jobs first resigned as CEO of Apple and then passed away after a multiyear battle with cancer.

Sir Jon didn't quit Apple, however, and he hasn't done so since, and buying an awesome house in San Francisco suggests he won't do so any time soon.

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8 1/2 bathrooms ?

Dare I ask what Jony will do in half a bathroom ?

Lee Dronick

The 1/2 bath is just a loo, no bathtub or shower.

“this house purchase suggests Sir Jon is going to stay put in California, and therefore Apple.”

Stay in California almost certainly, but as to staying at Apple, well he could certainly be poached. If that happens then Apple’s golden egg may be “Cooked.”


“As you can see in the map below, it’s not actually on the coast, but that’s just nitpicking.”

Yeah…  You really don’t want a house on the coast in San Francisco, ‘cause it’s all fog, all the time.

The house is OK, but at $20 Mill x 14,000 SF, this is a much better house.  Check out the wonderful open staircase all the way up.

Bryan Chaffin

Ugh, that house is quite….ostentatious, iJack. smile

Methinks Sir Jon’s new digs feel much more British, though I have little business offering such an opinion.

The other house you found, iJack, feels much more European-palace than English estate.

Fun stuff, though. smile


Bryan ~ The one I posted was better value, and had a lovely garden, but you are right.  Baroque/Italianate is not my passion, either.  I could live with it though; everything except the entry hall dark brown wood coffered ceiling.  I’d have to slap me some paint on that, or cover it up somehow.

Can you lend me 20 large?  Very large?

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

This would make an awesome video game. “Jony Ive’s Toilet Paper Roulette”. You guide a serious looking Jony Ivy (using the mug shot from around his $17M home looking for a bathroom that has toilet paper. You have to find a suitable bathroom before he fills his drawers and loses his cool.

Who’s funding me on Kickstarter?

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

Meanwhile a smiling and happy Tim Cook character lurks around Ive’s $17M home, sneaking in and out of the “staff apartment”, stealing toilet paper and throwing it out one of the many windows on the front facade.


“digs”, Bryan!  Certainly makes you sound more international. grin

Strictly speaking, the term “digs” is usually applied to student accommodation.  More like a fraternity house.

Even so, the house (from the photo) does have distinctly English look about it (not British; they’re not synonyms),

Still, things could be worse - Like Mr Martellaro’s reference to “fanny” recently. Which definitely does not have the same meaning in all English-speaking countries.


“Like Mr Martellaro’s reference to “fanny” recently. Which definitely does not have the same meaning in all English-speaking countries.”

I almost commented on the use of that word at the time.  Then there’s the acronym for the City University of New York.


When I saw the photo, I thought the building was an attempt to imitate a Flemish-style house, similar to those often shown on postcards of Brugge. It even tries to imply a step-gabled wall, so typical of a great deal of Flemish architecture.


With all the money you have would you please help me get my photos back on the ipad. You must have a solution to this being the creator. You did think of this right? I mean 600 dollars should cover a solution to this.

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