Apple’s Jonathan Ive Designing Exclusive Leica Camera

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Apple design wizard Jonathan Ive will be working with Leica on a very special one-off camera design to raise money for charity. The Ive-designed Leica M will be a one-of-a-kind, and no doubt will sell for a small fortune.

Jonathan Ive designing custom Leica M for charityJonathan Ive designing custom Leica M for charity

The announcement was made during Leica's special event Monday night where the company's new M camera line was unveiled, according to PetaPixel. There isn't any word yet on which charity the one-off version of the M will benefit, although the auction will be done in collaboration with U2's Bono.

Mr. Ive hasn't started designing his version of the M yet, so there's still plenty of time to start saving up for the auction.



Assuming this is not being done under the aegis of Apple, Inc., I am interested in seeing what a non-Apple Jonathan Ive design looks like.


Not like leica really needs the industrial design help. Generally they are doing pretty well on their own with the M bodies. (not that they have changed much since M6 or so).


Another doctor/ hedger fund manager camera, too bad leica missed the digital boat. The reviews of their digital cameras have been all on the negative side. I remember testing an M series about 2 years ago and it had awful color. if you pointed the camera toward any light source there was purple fringing. The camera cost 5K. my $600 Lumix had better color. I’ll stick to my M4 and film when i want to use a leica.

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