Apple's Jonathon Ive Apparently Confirms iWatch, Sort Of

Apple's rumored iWatch may have been confirmed by a design team memberApple's Senior Vice President of Design, Jonathan Ive, seems to have tipped the company's hand and revealed that the iWatch is real, and that it won't look like every other smartwatch that's hit the market. Mr. Ive has apparently been bragging about the device and one of the designers who has been working on the project told the New York Times just what he said.

According to the NYT, Mr. Ive said the iWatch will be very cool and that Swiss watch makers are in trouble. The Apple designer didn't, however, confirm if Apple will unveil the device at its September 9 media event.

Apple employees openly talking about unannounced products with reporters ahead of an official launch is very uncharacteristic considering how obsessive about secrecy the company has been. CEO Tim Cook has even said he is "doubling down" on secrecy.

Apple has been rumored to be working on a wearable device that links to our iPhones and tracks fitness and health-related data. The company has been hiring experts who are likely part of a secret team working on the iWatch, but so far we haven't seen any leaked images or other tangible proof it is on the way.

Analysts, media, Apple fans, and the company's competitors will finally get to see what the company has been working on come September 9 when Tim Cook and other company executives take the stage to unveil new products. The iPhone 6 and iWatch are both expected to make an appearance, although the company isn't saying yet exactly what it has in store.

With apparent confirmation that the iWatch is real coming from what the NYT says is someone from the product design team, it seems more likely than not we'll hear something about it at next week's media event. We'll also most likely see the new iPhone, learn when iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite will ship, and see more about the company's new HomeKit and HealthKit offerings.

Be sure to check in on Tuesday, September 9, for The Mac Observer's live coverage from Apple's media event in California.