Apple's New iMac Thicker Than It Seems (Photos)

Apple's new iMac is, using The Mac Observer's own headline, insanely thin, but during the hands-on session, we found that appearances can be deceiving. This next generation iMac is extremely thin at the edges, but when you look at it from the side, it becomes clear that it's quite thick in the middle.

Our own Dave Hamilton was at the hands-on session, and took some photos so we can see. The image below shows the device from the roughly the same angle that Apple showed the device during Tuesday's media event and on its website. From that angle, it looks incredibly thin.

Hands On Apple's New iMac

Apple's New iMac: Thin from this Angle

The image below was taken from Apple's iMac site (and is the same at Apple's PR site). Interestingly the tech specs for the iMac list height and width, but not thickness or depth. Depth for the stand, however, is listed.

iMac Promo Pic

Apple's New iMac

The image below, however shows the device from the side. From that angle, you can see that it's quite thick in the middle.

Does This Stand Make Me Look Fat?

iMac Thinness: It's All About the Angle

Certainly it's still gorgeous, but it simply isn't as thin as we were led to believe. That said, it is smaller. Apple Senior Vice President of Marketing Phil Schiller said that it weighed 8 pounds less than its predecessor, an impressive accomplishment for the company.