Apple’s (Product)RED Contributions Top $70M

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Apple may not toot its own horn when it comes to charitable contributions, but that isn't stopping (Product)RED from announcing the iPhone and iPad maker has already given the organization over US$70 million to help fight AIDS worldwide. That money came via special (Product)RED versions of the iPod lineup.

Apple's RED iPods turns into $70 million in (Product)RED contributionsApple's RED iPods turns into $70 million in (Product)RED contributions

The (Product)RED team made the announcement on Twitter Friday morning, saying,

Great news to end the week! Apple's total for @RED reaches $70 MILLION. 100% goes to fight #AIDS. Thank you all for buying (APPLE)RED.

Apple has been a RED partner for some time and has offered several iPod models in red versions over the years. Part of the proceeds from the sale of those iPods goes back to help fund the (Product)RED project. Currently, the iPod touch, iPod nano, and iPod shuffle are available in (Product)RED versions.

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It isn't just Apple that made $70 million in RED contributions possible. That money ultimately came from shoppers buying the RED versions of iPods, so go you for doing your part to help out.

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