Apple’s Q4 Mac Sales: Setting New Records

Apple’s Mac sales numbers are steadily increasing at a nice pace and continuing to set new records.

During Apple’s Earnings Conference call, it was noted that the company sold 4.9 millon Macs in its 4th quarter. That’s not a record quarter, but but it was the first FY ever in which Apple sold more than 4 million Macs in every quarter. And while the rise from the September quarter a year ago was only 1 percent, that was in a market where there was a an 8 percent decline in PC sales.

One way to look at this is that as Mac sales are steadily increasing, the bite the Mac sales take out of the PC market is being accelerated not only by sales but by the cannibalization of PC sales due to iPads. Tim Cook told analyst Toni Sacconaghi that each quarter, about 80-90 million PCs are sold and that he expects iPad sales to eventually exceed that market.

Apple sold 18.1 million Macs for the Fiscal year, a new record, and compares to 16.7 million Macs for the last Fiscal year. Eighty percent of the Macs sold were MacBooks.

Put in perspective, back in 2005, Apple sold 4.5 million Macs for the entire Fiscal year, so that’s another measure of how far Apple has come.

Total Mac sales per FY over the years (millions)