Apple's Rumored Television: Now it's 4K

Rumors claiming Apple is planning on releasing its own high definition television have been circulating for some time, and even some analysts have predicting more than once that the mythical device is just around the corner. Now a report is out claiming yet again that Apple is working on a television, but now they say the display will be the new super high resolution 4K, or Ultra HD.

Apple television reports are back, and this time the TV is Ultra HDApple television reports are back, and this time the TV is Ultra HD

This latest report comes courtesy of supply chain sources talking with DigiTimes, so more than just a grain of salt may be warranted. According to their sources, not only is Apple building a 4K HD TV with 3840 x 2160 resolution, it will also include built-in Internet support, and voice and motion control.

Apparently Apple is working with Foxconn to build the TVs, and is shopping around to find a supplier that can meet its display panel needs.

Apple doesn't talk about unannounced products and rumors, so there isn't any confirmation coming out of Cupertino on whether or not an HD TV is really in the works. That said, it's probable a safe bet to say the company has at least experimented with TVs in its labs. Whether or not Apple actually releases its own TV, however, is a different story -- and one that right now doesn't make much sense.

TV buyers tend to work on a seven year cycle, which doesn't fit with the one to two year upgrade cycle Apple's product line fits with. With the Apple TV, the company's US$99 streaming home entertainment device, Apple already has the means to turn any television into a portal for online content and video rentals.

TV size is a factor, too, since Apple's retail stores don't have much inventory storage space. There simply isn't that much room to store the products for consumers looking for instant gratification.

4K TVs were a big thing -- quite literally -- during CES 2013, and that's definitely an issue for Apple. To really take advantage of the resolution, a 4K TV display needs to be at least 80-inches, according to manufacturers The Mac Observer spoke with at the trade show. Smaller sizes can be made, but our eyes can't detect the higher image quality.

DigiTimes may have sources saying Apple is working on an Ultra HD television, and maybe the company is. The likelihood we'll see such a beast on store shelves, however, doesn't look nearly as good as the images it could show.