Apple's Siri Might Be a Libertarian

Apple is known as a company with progressive employment policies, an aggressively green approach to environmental policies, and a CEO who publicly advocates for equality. Siri, on the other hand, may be more of a libertarian kind of gal, judging by what she says when you ask her about her politics.

The story, as noted by The Huffington Post (and first noted on Reddit and Facebook) is that if you ask Siri, "What are your political views," she answers by pulling up the Wikipedia entry for Republican Ron Paul, who represents the libertarian wing of the GOP.

To wit:


Ron Paul?

TMO reader Lee Dronick, who tipped us off on this story, included a follow up question: "Do you support Ron Paul?" On this question, Siri played coy.


I can't answer that

Note that there's at least one other answer to the original question, one brilliantly crafted to sound like a politician.


That's all I'm prepared to say.

There are plenty of easter eggs hidden in Siri, and it's hard to know if her answer(s) on this question are just happenstance—a by-product of the algorithms Apple uses for answering any question—or a question deliberately set as a matter of Apple policy, or even the whim of an individual Siri team member.

My money is on the first or third option, but you never know. Ron Paul supporters are known for their fervent support of the politician, and many have made a lot of noise in celebrating what they see as an endorsement of Mr. Paul's politics at Apple.

No matter what your personal political I would encourage you not to make too much of this no matter your political leanings, but it's certainly interesting.