Apple's 'Something New' Campaign Faces Lawsuit Over Copycat Art

Apple is facing a lawsuit from pop artist Romero Britto over artwork used in the "Start Something New" campaign. The artist filed his lawsuit lawsuit last week claiming the art from Craig & Karl that Apple used directly copies his works.

Romero Britto hits Apple, Craig & Karl for copycat artRomero Britto hits Apple, Craig & Karl for copycat art

The Craig & Karl artwork appears on Apple's website and has shown up in Apple retail store's, too, leading followers of Mr. Britto to congratulate him on his deal with the iPhone and iPad maker. The lawsuit, which also names Craig & Karl, states,

Plaintiff was inundated with reports of the Start Something New campaign and the Infringing Apple Image. These reports ranged from, for example, incorrect congratulations on Mr. Britto's new deal with Apple, to consternation from business partners in potentially collaborative or competing product categories, to inquiries from collectors wanting to know if the image they saw in the Apple store or on the Apple website was by Romero Britto.

The lawsuit goes on to say that Mr. Britto discovered the copycat work because of Apple's campaign, and that he found the two artists had been making similar art pieces for years. He claims his own artistic style is unique enough that it's clear when other artists are copying him.

After contacting Apple to get the copycat art removed from its advertising, and failing to receive a response, Mr. Britto filed his lawsuit. He is asking for an injunction blocking Apple from using Craig & Karl's art, along with damages and court costs. He is also asking the court to block Craig & Karl from producing any more art that mimics his style.

[Thanks to Mac Rumors for the heads up]