Apple’s Swift Developer Tools Now Officially Open Source

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Apple followed through on its Worldwide Developer Conference promise to make its Swift coding platform open source. The Mac and iPad maker launched a new Swift website where developers can access the compiler code for Swift, and find resources for working with its app development tools.

Apple's Swift, now with open source goodnessApple's Swift, now with open source goodness

Swift is the development platform Apple created for creating Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch apps. Apple senior vice president of Software Engineering said, "We think Swift is the next big programming language. The one that we'll all be doing application and system programming on for 20 years to come."

With key parts of Swift now available to the open source community will likely give developers more confidence in the platform since it doesn't rely entirely on Apple for support. Open sourcing the platform means developers can participate in making Swift better overall, too. Should Apple ever decide to abandon Swift, developers can continue to use the software development environment because it'll still have community support.

The open source elements include the compiler, elements from Foundation, and the standard library.

Developers can check out Swift's open source elements at the new Swift website.

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Apple said Swift was going open source and now it's happening. The move will add more credibility to the already popular app development environment, plus it's a really cool move on Apple's part.

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Great, now there will be a Chrome Swift wink
Open Source is great, but it does tend to fragment focus, hopefully Apple doesn’t lose focus like it did with Safari (I like Safari, it just could be sooo much better).


They said they were going to do this before the end of the year. I was starting to get anxious that they were running out of time.

They’re already offering a precompiled binary installer for Ubuntu, I can’t wait for it to show up in Slackware!

Maybe a whole new crop of programmers can now show all those Objective-C FUDdy-dudies what they’re missing…

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