Apple’s Tim Cook Tweets Approval for New Apple Campus

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In a tweet early on October 16, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that the Cupertino city council had given unanimous approval the night before for Apple's new campus.

The circular design of the new campus has been topic of considerable discussion and has been compared to a spaceship. The design, on a 176 acre campus, will be able to accomodate 13,000 employees, have 300,000 square feet of R&D facilities, and include a 1000 seat auditorium. But no computer museum.

Image Credit: Wikipedia.

Recently, the San Jose Mercury News posted some stunning new architectural renderings of the new campus.

The "Apple Campus 2" is expected to cost US$5 billion and be finished in 2016. (That's before cost and schedule overruns.)

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It’s a pipe dream, but Apple should fund Stanford operating a museum out of Bandley 3 or an equivalent historic location. Apple doesn’t need to run it, just fund it.

Hopefully, there will be some sort of visitors center or something. If I ever make the trek to California, I’d like to have something to see other than a building.


Wonder if the building will be named after Steve Jobs.

John Dingler, artist

A perfect circle of a bldg. Something wrong with that shape. It’s a basic form, a perfectly round structure, all of the spoke wheel walls are likely identical enough to each other to produce a sense of visual regularity, a conformity to repetition that could be never ending as I imagine walking around and around.

Perhaps not. Perhaps the heightened security plan demands that people are permitted to enter in one door all of the time, never another door, each door numbered to distinguish one identical door to another. We have all seen facades sort of like this in angled buildings but not this severe as in this round building.

I smell command and control, a top down approach made round, where the message is fascism and the building fascist. Maybe Jobs intended an oppressive atmosphere.

I anticipate articles to be written about life and work in this structure. I look forward to comparing what I think now to that in those articles.

Perhaps a sameness is intended to be less distracting in order to promote concentration on coding which, then, would not be pure fascism but fascism for the purpose to make good product. I just hope that it is not a boondoggle in result.

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