Apple's Tim Cook Tweets MLK Quote about Not Being Silent

Apple CEO Tim Cook turned to the late Dr. Martin Luther King for inspiration on Monday—a.k.a. Martin Luther King Day. Mr. Cook tweeted a quote from Dr. King reminding all of us to stand up and be heard on things that are important. 

Mr. Cook's tweet:

Tim Cook has often spoken up on civil rights issues since taking the help as Apple CEO in 2011. He spoke about discrimination when being honored by his Alma Mater in 2014; he and thousands of Apple employees marched in San Francisco's Pride parade; Apple donated cash to fight California's Prop 8 ban on gay marriage (that was thrown out by the courts); Apple backed gay marriage with the U.S. Supreme Court; and he has said how seeing a burning cross when he was a kid inspired him to fight discrimination.

And, of course, Mr. Cook himself is proud to be gay.

Tim Cook has spoken often of Dr. King, with Monday's tweet merely another mention, rather than bandwagon-jumping move.