Apple’s Updated Samsung Statement in UK Still Not an Apology

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Apple published an updated version of its court ordered statement in the U.K. that still doesn't read like an apology but may be a little less likely to upset the Judge and Samsung. The iPhone and iPad maker had been ordered to publish a statement saying Samsung's Galaxy tablets don't infringe on Apple's design patents as part of a court ruling, and the original version of the statement left the court unpleased.

Apple updates Samsung statement in UK, still not an apologyApple updates Samsung statement in UK, still not an apology

The U.K. Court of Appeal in London wasn't pleased with the original statement Apple posted, calling it untruthful and "a plain breach of order." The Judge gave Apple 24 hours to release a new version, which is what appeared in U.K. newspapers Friday morning, according to Gizmodo.

In its original statement Apple noted the court's ruling that Samsung didn't copy the iPad's design, but went on to quote the Judge's comments saying the Galaxy tablets aren't "as cool." The original version of Apple's statement appeared on the company's U.K. website, but as of Friday morning was no longer there.

Apple's updated statement reads:

On 9th July 2012 the High Court of Justice of England and Wales ruled that Samsung Electronics (UK) Limited's Galaxy Tablet Computers, namely the Tab 10.1, Tab 8.9 and Tab 7.7 do not infringe on Apple's Community registered design No. 0000181607-0001. A copy of the full judgement of the High Court is available on the following link That Judgement has effect throughout the European Union and Wales on 18th October 2012. A copy of the Court of Appeal's judgement is available on the following link There is no injunction in respect of the Community registered design in force anywhere in Europe.

The court hasn't reacted to Apple's revised statement yet, so there's no word on whether or not the Judge overseeing the case is satisfied. If he's looking for a clear cut apology from Apple, however, there's a high likelihood that he'll have more harsh words for the Cupertino-based company.





Personally, I think Apple made a clever move, with the first ‘apology’ and the second ‘apology’.
They figured there was a good chance the first one would get thrown out, but they garnered some nice points against Samsung. They made a few jokes, at the expense of the judge and Samsung. I’m sure plenty of people read this apology, had a smile at the veiled sarcasm and moved on. All in all a neat first swipe at the ball.

The second apology reads very boring and will most likely be ignored by the vast majority.

Even if the Judge makes Apple do a third apology, the energy of the ruling will have completely exhausted itself and even less folk will read the advert.

Believe me, I’ve read a few blogs by UK barristers…they can be a wry lot, not averse to giving judges a sly side swipe with some of their comments.
Apple would have employed the best UK barristers, they knew EXACTLY what they were doing with both apologies.

Lee Dronick


Yes, just like whales the place blows.


Makes one wonder why the judges in the UK didn’t hold the barristers in contempt of court….


I’ve already forgotten the initial details of the order, but was Apple actually ordered to “apologize” or just post a statement that Samsung’s product do not infringe on Apple designs?

I thought it was the latter, and if so, Apple has now done that. Issuing a statement in the most boring and direct tone is how they should have handled it in the first place.

ashok pai

whether apple puts forth an apology or not, witty or not, what they have unwittingly done is expose themselves as a petulant company.


“Makes one wonder why the judges in the UK didn’t hold the barristers in contempt of court….”

Eye roll.

Lee Dronick

If the Judge doesn’t like this then perhaps he should be more specific as to what he wants Apple to say. Not that almost no one other than tech media and their groupies read the first one, most people don’t care about this stuff.


I understood that Apple was ordered to post a statement of fact - not an apology.

It had to appear on the home page - the first one was a link. And it had to have a minimum font size.
- It seems very straightforward to me. 

As always, I could be wrong.


“‘Whales???’ Yes, just like whales the place blows.”

Did the original quote in the article actually say ‘Whales?’ 
Anyway…  what place blows?


Lee Dronick

“Did the original quote in the article actually say ‘Whales?’ 
Anyway…  what place blows?”

Yes, probably an autocorrect typo. Wales can be rather windy.


There’s also nothing to prevent Apple from using that “not as cool” line down the road in some other advertisement.

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