Apple's Yosemite Beta Site Conks Out Over Heavy Demand

If you're planning on downloading Apple's just released public beta of OS X Yosemite, think again. The public beta site crashed thanks to heavy traffic only hours after the beta was released and eventually Apple replaced the error users saw with its familiar "We'll be back" image.

No OS X Yosemite beta for you!No OS X Yosemite beta for you!

Apple opened the public beta Thursday morning so more than app developers could offer feedback on the next version of OS X. The operating system was announced during Apple's annual Worldwide Developer Conference this spring and will officially ship this fall.

Accessing the prerelease version of OS Yosemite requires a trip to Apple's beta website, so until it's back up an running there isn't much chance of checking it out -- and considering the site is down, it looks like a lot of people were hoping that's exactly what they'd be able to do today.