Apple’s 10 Billionth Song: Guess Things Happen That Way

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The iTunes Store saw its 10 billionth song download on Wednesday, and Thursday morning the company announced that song was Johnny Cash's Guess Things Happen That Way. The track was downloaded by Louie Sulcer from Woodstock, Georgia, and he'll be receiving an iTunes gift card worth US$10,000.

Apple started the countdown to 10 billion downloads at the iTunes Store with the announcement that the company would celebrate the milestone with a $10,000 iTunes gift certificate. The company's Web site and the iTunes Store included an animated counter showing how many songs had been downloaded, and no doubt many customers were watching the number closely hoping to be lucky enough to buy the 10 billionth song and win the gift card.

iTunes Store downloads hit the five billion mark about 18 months ago, and the store doesn't look to be slowing down.

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Ben Young

10K? They sell desktops that cost more than that.



What’s your point?  Don’t you think you could price a comparable Dell, IBM, etc. at more than $10K?  Put in the fastest supercomputer processor, dozens of Gig of Ram, 10 Terabytes worth of hard drives, and several monitors.  Of course, all worthless if you run Vista.  Oh wait, Windows 7 is out, and it isn’t going to have any of the problems that Vista had…



10K? They sell desktops that cost more than that.

They also sell laptops that cost 1/10 of that. BFD.


You want to waste $10K on lo-fi music?

There’s a crapp for that..

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