Apple's Cook Eyed for GM CEO Slot

The rumor mill broke from its Apple tablet computer frenzy over the New Year weekend to offer up something new: Apple COO Tim Cook may be General Motor's first choice for a new CEO, according to Silicon Alley Insider.

Apparently an anonymous source contacted SAI to say "I don't know if [Tim Cook] has been contacted yet but he is the top candidate that Spencer Stuart has identified as the next CEO of GM. I have an inside source at Spencer Stuart."

Mr. Cook already has some CEO experience since he took over as Apple's boss for several months while Steve Jobs was out on medical leave. That doesn't, however, mean he's ready to give up his position as the company's COO, or that he's willing to walk away from Apple to run GM.

Without anything more than an anonymous statement, this rumor seems like something of a stretch, but it does make for at least a momentary diversion from the flood of Apple tablet rumors.