Apple’s International iPad Pricing [Updated]

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Apple announced on Friday that the iPad will officially go on sale internationally on May 28. Since budgeting for Apple’s latest gear isn’t easy to do if you don’t know how much the iPad costs, check out TMO’s international iPad price chart to see how much the multimedia tablet will set you back around the world.

Country 16GB Wi-Fi 32GB Wi-Fi 64GB Wi-Fi 16GB 3G/Wi-Fi 32GB 3G/Wi-Fi 64GB 3G/Wi-Fi
US $499 $599 $699 $629 $729 $829
UK £429 £499 £599 £529 £599 £699
Canada $549 $649 $749 $679 $779 $879
Australia $629 $759 $879 $799 $928 $1049
Switzerland CHF 649 CHF 779 CHF 899 CHF 799 CHF 929 CHF 1,049
Japan ¥48,800 ¥58,800 ¥68,800 ¥61,800 ¥71,800 ¥81,800
France €499 €599 €699 €599 €699 €799
Germany €499 €599 €714 €599 €699 €814
Italy €499 €599 €699 €599 €699 €799
Spain €479 €579 €679 €579 €679 €779

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Ok Canada pays an extra 10% when the CDN$ is at parity.  I guess it could be worse.


The UK prices are steep - even after allowing 17.5% for VAT, I make $499 closer to ?399. Then again, we are known as ‘Treasure Island’ to retailers.

Although it looks like the UK price is the same as general EU pricing (so no bargain to be had buying on the mainland)

Malcolm Redfellow

Yeah: it looks like a 20% premium, even after value-added tax for the UK markets (and that’s even at the present depressed level of sterling).


So my son is going to Phoenix, Arizona, and is thinking of buying an iPad to save money.

Take the basic $499 model.
Add Phoenix sales tax at 8.3%      $540
Convert to ?s @ 1.45 (optimistic?)  ?372
Add VAT @17.5%                  ?437

UK price                           ?429

Not really worth it unless you smuggle it in without paying the VAT.
Save ?65 at the risk of getting caught?????


?700 for 3G radio, 64GB and MicroSIM slot :D

I waited until spring 2008 when o2 and Carphone warehouse had to firesale unsold iPhone 2G stock in prep for summer, and picked one up for ?179, there was no contract in store either back then.

I suspect that the UK public will generally give these prices the finger once again, but you never know.



The Canbuck is pretty variable right now, was .9560 Friday (remember, when you exchange funds the bank will charge 2% over the direct exchange rate so 1.0669).

Today (Monday 9:30PST) it’s .9752 (or 1.0459). One thing to notice is that it’s an across the board $50 independent on memory so the bigger you buy, the less the exchange penalty.

I ordered the 64GB model at $749, at that price point Apple’s exchange is 1.0715, less than a half penny on Friday’s close. Is it perfect? Nope, but a hell of alot closer than it has been.


One thing to notice is that it?s an across the board $50 independent on memory so the bigger you buy, the less the exchange penalty.

I didn’t notice that until you pointed it out. That does make it a lot better, 6% for the 64Gb 3G unit.

I’m holding off on ordering. As I’ve posted on other discussions, I’m not going to drop $600-$900 (gotta include HST) on something without seeing one.

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