Apple’s Lossless Audio Codec Goes Open Source

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Apple released its Lossless Audio Codec, or ALAC, as open source on Thursday, potentially opening the format to a wider audience. Apple began using the codec several years ago as a way to offer higher quality audio files at much smaller sizes compared to other audio formats.

Apple Lossless Codec goes Open SourceApple Lossless Codec goes Open Source

The Apple Lossless format was introduced in 2004 for the Mac and has carried over to iOS devices and most iPods, too. The format was reverse engineered several years ago, so it is already available through several other applications such as VLC and Boxee.

The codec sources are available under the Apache license. Developers interested in working with the ALAC codec can check out the Mac OS Forge Web site.


Lee Dronick

potentially opening the format to a wider audience

As well opening the sources of quality music to the current audience.




Fantastic. Quality rocks, Lee, and nothing beats open doors. Veggiedude, As a carnivorous dude I may not appreciate your point.

Paul Goodwin

This is great news for the logievity of the format.

Brent Billman

Now they’ll call it Apple Free Lossless Audio Codec, or Afla… Hey! who let the duck in here?

Lee Dronick


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