Apple’s New MobileMe Calendar Emerges from Beta

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On Thursday, Apple announced the emergence of the new MobileMe Calendar from beta. The Web app more closely resembles the Calendar app on the iPad, complete with matching day, week and month views.

Apple’s announcement said, “We’d like to thank everyone who took part in the beta for helping to make this the best MobileMe Calendar yet.” Apple’s rare public beta program may reflect the fact that prior calendar syncing efforts haven’t gone as smoothly as customers would have liked.

MobileMe Calendar

MobileMe Calendar side by side on iPad, iPhone and Mac (Credit: Apple)

Apple’s announcement pointed to highlights:

  • The best calendar service for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
  • Share calendars with family and friends
  • Publish a calendar for a group or team
  • Do Event invitations with RSVPs
  • A new web application with great looking calendar views


  • For iPhone and iPod, iOS 4.1 is required.
  • For iPad, iOS 3.2 is required, but iOS 4.2 is required for push updates. (November release)
  • For Mac, Snow Leopard 10.6.4 is required.

Apple has published a Knowledge Base article on how to unsubscribe from old calendars if you change to the new MobileMe Calendar. Included is a link on how to determine if you’re using the old or new calendar system.



I have had continual problems with Calendar/Contacts/MobileMe. There are functional shortcomings, syncing problems and Time Zone issues.
The new MobileMe calendar brings another couple of problems to add to the heap. Very disappointing.

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