Apple’s Stock Closes Over $400 for Record High

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Shares in Apple Inc. closed over the US$400 mark for the first time Tuesday, setting an all-time closing high in the process. The stock ended the day at $403.41, a gain of $+4.91 (+1.23%), on moderately light volume of 17 million shares trading hands.

AAPL Chart

AAPL Chart for July 20th through July 26th
Chart courtesy of Yahoo! Finance

Apple’s market cap is now $374 billion, keeping the company as the second most valuable company on the planet. #1 Exxon Mobil ended the day at $84.37, down $0.20 (-0.24%), with a market cap of $415.6 billion.

AAPL had hit as high as $405 in after hours trading on July 19th, the day the company announced record quarter results for the June quarter. The stock couldn’t hang on to those gains during the regular session, however, until Tuesday’s session.

Apple’s gains came amidst modest downturns in the broader markets, with the S&P (1,331.94, down 5.49 (-0.41%)), DOW (12,501.30, down 91.50 (-0.73%)), and NASDAQ ( 2,839.96, down 2.84 (-0.10%)) all in losing territory.

*In the interest of full disclosure, the author holds a tiny, almost insignificant share in AAPL stock that was not an influence in the creation of this article.

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What was that song’s refrain, oh yes…

‘Yeah baby! I like it like that!’...

Ross Edwards

Looks like I have another destination to add to my checklist once time machines are invented…

[ ] Go back to 1997 and buy a pile of AAPL, pre-multiple-splits, for eight bucks a share.

It’s a great checklist.  I hope to put it into action someday.  Highlights:

[ ] Go back to January 1988 and bet the odds on the Redskins to beat the heavily favored Broncos in the Super Bowl (Washington won 42-10)

[ ] Go back to 1992 and invest in Wizards of the Coast (the company went from scratch cash in a garage to being bought out by Hasbro seven years later in 1999 for $250M)

[ ] Go back to 1987 and trade formula for transparent aluminum for custody and safekeeping of at least two humpback whales, just in case

I’m afraid I can’t go do things like shooting Hitler before WWII started, because I don’t want to cause a paradox and rupture the fabric of the universe.  That seems like it would be bad.  But just gaining money and letting it sit until I get back should be fairly safe, ontologically speaking.  And I think the whales thing is doing my duty for the greater good of all.


Looks like I have another destination to add to my checklist once time machines are invented?

Hilarious list, Ross. But sadly out of reach…for now.

Lee Dronick

I paid $25 a share, I wish that I had invested more.


I’m with you, Harry. I paid $13/share and wish I had had more money to invest back in ‘96, when Apple death knells were ubiquitous.


i originally paid around $16/ share and sold yesterday. smile

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

All I can say to Ross is “Timmy F—-ing Smith”. What a stud.

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