Apple's Strong Computer Sales Growth Continued in Q4

IDC and Gartner released their 4Q07 computer sales figures on Wednesday, showing Apple in fourth place in the United States on double-digit year-over-year growth. IDC said Apple sold 1.058 million computers in the United States last quarter, giving the company 5.7% market share and 30.9% growth over 4Q06, while Gartner pegged those numbers at 1.035 million, 6.1% market share, and 28% growth.

For 2007, IDC placed Apple in the number three spot domestically, behind Dell at number one and HP at number two. IDC said Apple sold 4.081 million computers, securing 5.8% market share and 31.3% year-over-year growth. Gartner did not publicly release 2007 numbers for the United States; the company offers its full report for sale on its Web site.

Worldwide, IDC said that 77.378 million computers were sold in Q4, with HP in first place and Dell finishing second. Gartner showed 75.298 million computers sold, with the same vendors in the first and second spots. Apple did not place in the top five worldwide either for the quarter or for the year -- IDC said that total worldwide computer shipments reached 269 million, while Gartner indicated 271.18 million units sold.