Apple’s WWDC Keynote Available as Video Stream

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Apple has posted the WWDC 2011 Keynote, available as a video stream only, in what seems like record time.

Traditionally, Apple makes the even event available initially as a stream only. Later, it shows up as a downloadable video in iTunes as a podcast - with full QuickTime control.

WWDC 2011 - Steve Jobs

The video quality is exceptional.



Only on Snow Leopard. What is that about?


Just my guess, but I imagine that it is about promoting Safari and Snow Leopard over all competing platforms and browsers.


Nice to have the video stream up so early. And all the news were great. But there was also a piece of bad news that was never said out loud, and which haven’t been commented on so far:

Steve really didn’t look well, did he? :-(

I’m afraid we won’t see Steve as the keynote speaker at WWDC 2012.

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