Arcade Classic Dragon’s Lair, PopCap’s Chuzzle Now at the App Store

Tuesday saw EA release the classic arcade game Dragon’s Lair, while PopCap issued an iPhone version of its match-three puzzle title Chuzzle.

Dragon’s Lair was noteworthy in the early 1980s for its use of fully animated sequences that played on a laserdisc as the gamer navigated an evil wizard’s castle, where the dragon Singe holds the princess Daphne captive. Players guide Dirk the Daring through various treacherous scenes, pushing the joystick in a certain direction or pressing the sword button to avoid certain doom.

The iPhone version of Dragon’s Lair reproduces that with touchscreen controls, as well as two modes: Arcade, which replicates the original; and Home, which features additional scenes that were added back into the game for its release on DVD (using the DVD remote to play the game) and other formats. Pricing is US$4.99 and iPhone OS 2.2.1 is required.

In Chuzzle ($4.99, iPhone OS 2.2.1), players slide rows of the furry creatures around the screen to create matches of three or more same-colored ones, causing them to become so happy they explode. More then drop onto the screen to take their places. Four game modes are included: Classic; Zen, which is endless play; Mind-Bender, in which players have to move the Chuzzles to create patterns; and Speed, in which they must race the clock.