ARM CEO: Apple Isn’t Buying Us

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Rumors that Apple is planning to buy chip maker ARM are apparently off the mark, according to company CEO Warren East. Word that the Mac and iPhone maker might be looking to snatch up ARM began circulating after the two companies held a meeting earlier in the week, according to the Guardian.

“Exciting though it is to have the share price pushed up by these rumours, common sense tells us that our standard business model is an excellent way for technology companies to gain access to our technology,” Mr. East said. “Nobody has to buy the company.”

ARM-designed chips can be found in Apple’s iPhone, leading to speculation that the two companies met to discuss a buyout. With chip design firm PA Semi already in Apple’s pocket, however, buying the chip manufacturer doesn’t seem to be part of the company’s plans.

For now, ARM will have to make a go of it on its own, and it doesn’t look like the company will have any problems with that.

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Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

Unrelated news tip. Apple took South Park episode #200 down without comment. It was up this morning as part of season 14. A whole bunch of South Park fans are mighty pissed.


Well, Bosco, we know that you’re pissed or at least that you would like others to be so.  Ah Bosco, the would be Sarah Palin of the Apple tea partiers.  Come you outraged developers, you incensed because you can’t watch porn in public on your iPhones, and now you outraged fans of South Park and dump you Apple tools and toys into the nearest body of water.  And Swear that you will never again develop for and/or purchase anything from Apple.  Boy Bosco, I was really getting wound up.  I can see the fun and excitement in starting a new revolution and being at the head of it.

But, before I get too carried away, let’s get back on topic.  PA Semi and perhaps, Apple’s purchase of Intrinsity have provided Apple with enough valuable proprietary innovation in its mobile chips without needing to purchase ARM, which would, of course, cause every other smartphone OEM to abandon ARM for Qualcom or Intel. 

ARM’s technology, which Apple has licensed, is the basic platform that Apple’s now rather impressive chip division has innovated on for the iPad and probably for the upcoming iPhone.  ARM lets you license and pretty much use its designs to create.  Most use standard ARM designs that come out of foundries, such as Samsung or Texas Instruments, but Apple has done what is typical for Apple:  It has innovated on ARM’s basic design to produce useful, if not, revolutionary, innovation and challenged its competitors to follow its lead.  If any of them do so successfully, match or exceed the iPhone OS, match or exceed the fit, high quality, and finish of Apple’s hardware, and then match or exceed the services provided by iTunes (MobileMe, App Store, etc.), perhaps Bosco will get to lead his revolution.  Or perhaps, Che Bosco’s revolt will just peter out or ignominiously come to an end in a blaze of glory at an Apple Store, as he gets taken out of the Store in a straight jacket for trying to lead the Store’s employees out on a people’s strike against the man.

Sorry Bosco, but my money is on Apple.


The hint of a purchase by Apple drive’s ARM’s stock soaring.

So what do you do? Deny and denounce.

This should bode well tomorrow.

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

Geez Nemo, you’re really unglued this evening. If anything, my post was specifically paying a compliment to your prescience. Apparently, in order to prevent World War 3 or something like that, Apple removed last week’s episode of South Park because it raised the question of why the Prophet Mohammed is immune from criticism, while “portraying” him as a soft-spoken man hidden in a U-Haul truck. This week, he is hidden in a bear suit, so as not to actually depict him. And underneath the bear suit, he is dressed up as Santa Claus, so as not to actually depict him. Apple is now protecting the world from TV shows, just as you predicted.

Who really knows what the story is here? The episode was available for at least 6 days. Some NYC based “radical” web site suggested that Matt and Trey might end up like Theo van Gogh, and now it’s a big news story. And Episode 200 is no longer available on iTunes. There is at least some story here with an Apple angle. I wonder if anyone will dig it up. That’s all.

But congrats, really!! You were incredibly prescient!!

working dog

As I’ve read it, East never actually said it wasn’t happening..

he did a very Jobsian deflect ... ‘nobody wants to watch video on a tiny screen” ... “nobody reads anymore”...

“nobody needs to buy ARM…”


working dog is right. The title of this article is misleading. In fact the most interesting thing about the ARM CEO’s comment is that he does NOT say “Apple isn’t buying us”. It would have been easy for him to kill the rumor with this simple statement - but he didn’t.
“Nobody HAS to buy the company” isn’t the same as saying “Nobody is buying us”.


Unrelated news tip. Apple took South Park episode #200 down without comment. It was up this morning as part of season 14. A whole bunch of South Park fans are mighty pissed.

Unrelated indeed. But that never stopped your obsessive anti Apple rants now, did it?


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