Asus Prepping Its Own iPad-like Tablets

PC maker Asus is planning on bringing its own iPad-like tablet computers to market some time this year, and the company expects it will be able to capitalize on what it sees as weaknesses in Apple's design, according to Register Hardware.

Asus system business group vice president Eric Chen many people see Apple's iPad as a "big screen iPhone." He added "This is something we can improve. We will have similar products. We have a couple of projects under way."

Asus plans to release its iPad competitors within a year to take advantage of the tablet hype Apple has built up with its pending launch.

Apple introduced the iPad in January and promised a March release. The iPad includes a 9.7-inch multitouch display, runs a version of the iPhone operating system, can play movies and music, works as an ebook reader, and will be available in a Wi-Fi only version along with models that support Wi-Fi and 3G wireless data connections.

Mr. Chen isn't saying what features the Asus tablets will include, but did indicate that the company would likely form alliances with vendors and target different businesses.