Atebits Releases Tweetie 2 for iPhone with Many New Features

Atebits announced the release of Tweetie 2 for iPhone Friday, a release that adds a digital ton of new features to the iPhone Twitter client. The company said it has a new engine, allows for previewing short URLs, and is built to make room for upcoming new features for the Twitter platform.

Other key new features include the ability to edit your profile in-app, the ability to write multiple tweets when you're not online (they get sent all at once when you connect), support for Safari bookmarklets, the ability to link Twitter addresses to Apple Address Book contacts, and more.

Tweetie 2 ScreenshotAll of the Features:

  • Seamlessly handle multiple Twitter accounts
  • Explore all of Twitter, from your own timeline and mentions, to the favorite tweets of your followers and friends
  • Full persistence: more than just caching tweets, Tweetie 2 restores your entire UI if you quit or get a phone call
  • Fantastic new offline mode. Read, tweet, favorite, follow, save to Instapaper and more even when you don't have a connection. Your actions will be synced as soon as you go back online
  • Full landscape support (configurable of course)
  • Live-filter your tweet stream
  • Post photos and videos, even configure your own custom image host
  • Vastly improved compose screen with recent hashtags, @people picker, URL shortening and more
  • Compose screen multiple-attachments manager
  • Drafts manager ensures you never lose a tweet (and you can even send drafts to Birdhouse)
  • Link Twitter contacts to Address Book contacts
  • Follow, unfollow, block and unblock from multiple accounts simultaneously
  • Saved searches sync with and the upcoming Tweetie 2 for Mac
  • Autocomplete recent searches and Go-to-user
  • Threaded Direct Messages and improved conversation navigation
  • TextExpander integration
  • Rich integration with Follow Cost, Tweet Blocker, and more
  • Edit your own Twitter profile
  • Specify custom API roots on a per-account basis
  • Nearby map view
  • Translate tweets
  • Preview short URLs
  • Safari bookmarklet support for easily sharing links
  • In-app rich text e-mail composition
  • Tons of little things, including improved avatar caching, auto-refresh, refresh-all, seamless Twitlonger support, hashtag definitions and more

Tweetie 2 for iPhone is US$2.99 at the App Store.