AT&T Adds iOS Support to Locker Online Storage

AT&T's Locker online storage service made its way to the iPhone on Thursday. The cloud-based system includes 5GB of storage space for free, and up until now has been available only for Android-based devices.

AT&T Locker for the iPhoneAT&T Locker for the iPhone

AT&T Locker supports storing documents, videos and music, photos, and includes an auto-upload option for pictures. It also supports sharing images and video through social networking services like Twitter and Facebook.

Users can access their AT&T Locker content via Web browser from their computer, too, although the interface requires Adobe Flash. Subscribers can boost their storage space to 30GB for US$3.99 a month, or 100GB for $9.99 a month.

The AT&T Locker app for the iPhone is free and available at Apple's iTunes-based App Store.