AT&T Drops $450 Incentive for T-Mobile Switchers

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Only a month after launching its US$450 credit offer for T-Mobile customers that switch over to its service, AT&T is dropping the deal. AT&T introduced the offer to compete with a similar offer from T-Mobile.

AT&T dumps its switcher incentive for T-Mobile customersAT&T dumps its switcher incentive for T-Mobile customers

AT&T's deal offered switchers $200 credit per line for switching from T-Mobile to its own Next Plan, plus up to $250 store credit for trading in their current smartphone. The company said its offer was for a limited time, although at launch there wasn't any indication that it would last for just one month.

T-Mobile CEO John Legere made a dig at AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson on Twitter, saying,

That was quick! @ATT already revoking the $450 bribe to @TMobile customers? People weren’t falling for it, were they #Randall? #doingitwrong

AT&T isn't the only company to quickly kill off an incentive program after launch. Sprint recently ended its incentive program for early smartphone upgrades only four months after it rolled out.

AT&T is still offering customers a $100 credit for adding new lines to their accounts, and it reduced the cost of some family plan packages, according to the Wall Street Journal. T-Mobile's switcher plan, which offers new customers up to $650, is still in place.

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Carriers are launching and quickly killing off customer incentive programs while T-Mobile maintains its deals and switcher offers. There isn't much of a chance that T-Mobile will give Verizon a run for its money, but it sure looks like the carriers are throwing all kinds of ideas at the wall in hopes that something sticks and gives them a competitive advantage.

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