AT&T Plans for Gigabit Interent in 56 Cities in 2016

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AT&T is aggressively taking on Google's gigabit broadband Internet with plans to offer its own competing service in 56 metropolitan areas by the end of 2016. That includes 38 new areas AT&T just announced to go with the 18 where the service is already available.

AT&T expands gigabit Internet plans for 2016AT&T expands gigabit Internet plans for 2016

AT&T said in a statement,

Nearly 2 years ago, we successfully launched the first AT&T GigaPower metro in Austin, Texas. This launch led to a major expansion in multiple metros beginning in 2014. Recently we marked a major milestone deploying the AT&T GigaPower network to more than 1 million locations, and we expect to more than double availability by the end of 2016.

The 38 just announced locations include Los Angeles, Oakland, San Francisco, and other California cities, Pensacola in Florida, Wichita in Kansas, El Paso and Lubbock in Texas, Baton Rouge, Shreveport_bossier, and Jefferson Parish in Louisiana, and more. The full list of cities is available at the AT&T website.

In contrast, Google's gigabit Internet service is either operating or in the works in 12 markets with three more currently under consideration.

Sadly, Denver and Boulder are still missing from both AT&T and Google's lists.

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The gigabit race between Google and AT&T is on. Now we need more coverage areas and good prices.

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Rob Bowers

“Sadly, Denver and Boulder are still missing from both AT&T and Google’s lists.”

Ditto… perhaps because AT&T does not provide local internet service in the area?

This is Century Link territory. Sadly, the old Baby Bells are clinging to their territories with few exceptions. So, those of us in US West\Qwest\CenturyLink land will either have to wait for CenturyLink to step up their game, or hope for Google or another CLEC to step up to the plate.

Lee Dronick

Hopefully it will be more reliable with lost signals being very rare.


Sadly, is right; but though 52 markets may cover a lot of people, it leaves a lot of geographic area uncovered. Those of us that don’t live in a metropolitan area are left out on a lot of things; (really) high speed internet being just one of them. You could cover the next 500 markets in desending order and still not come anywhere near me. Sad indeed.


My geographic handicap is also the reason I care not a whit about the the presence or lack thereof of 4K tv. I am quite satisfied with the Apple TV just as it is, and am quite happy to continue purchasing my Blu-ray disks. Streaming simple is not anywhere in the future for a lot of rural America.

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