AT&T Pushes Emergency Alert Update to iPhone Users

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AT&T began pushing an update to iPhone users over the weekend that adds support for Wireless Emergency Alerts. The WEA system sends text messages to smartphone owners alerting them to physical threats like earthquakes and tornados, man-made disasters, AMBER Alerts, and Presidential alerts.

AT&T pushes WEA update to iPhone ownersAT&T pushes WEA update to iPhone owners

The update is being pushed to the iPhone 4, 4S, and 5, and doesn't require any action on the user's part since it's delivered over the air. Once installed, alerts will appear as special text messages and are delivered based on your location. For example, if an AMBER alert is issued for a missing child and you're in the same city, you'll see the notification.

The update is free, and since it's a carrier-supplied update, it won't appear in iOS 6's built-in Software Update feature.

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Lee Dronick

Mine showed up this morning. You can turn them off, but one news source I read says that you can not turn off “Presidential” alerts. Anyway, I have mine turned on and we will see how it goes.

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

The “Presidential alert” is for when one of his silly gun control measures gets dilluted and shot down in the Senate. What a total f—-ing joke. I hope the jailbreakers figure out how to remove this crapware.


Bosco, can you ever stop being a complete wanker?

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