AT&T: 4.1M iPhone, 442K iPad and Android Tablets in 4Q10

AT&T on Thursday released its 4Q10 results, noting that it saw its best-ever subscriber gains with sales of 7.4 million integrated devices (its term for smartphones), including 4.1 million iPhones. The cellular carrier also added 442,000 iPads and Android-based tablets to its network, with 90% of them booked in the prepaid category.

Wireless data revenue was up US$1.1 billion, or 27.4%, from last year to $4.9billion, with total text messages carried on its network up 29% to 173.1 billion and multimedia messages up 75% to 3.9 billion. Wireless subscribers on monthly data plans were up 20.4% over last year.

The company’s percentage of subscribers with integrated devices increased from 46.8% last year to 61% in 4Q10.

In a press release, AT&T chairman Randall Stephenson said: “2011 is the year when we’ll take mobile broadband to the next level. We’re seeing 4G speeds today in areas of key markets, we’ve accelerated our LTE deployment plans, and we expect to add 20 4G devices to our lineup this year. AT&T has led the mobile broadband revolution, and we are well positioned to drive the industry’s next waves of innovation and growth.”

The big question mark, of course, is how Verizon’s iPhone offering will impact those integrated device sales during 2011, a question that’s sure to come up during the company’s call with analysts at 10 AM Eastern time on Thursday. TMO will offer any insights gleaned from that call after it ends.