AT&T Announces Its Own MiFi Mobile Hotspot

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AT&T announced Wednesday a version of Novatel Wireless’s MiFi mobile hotspot for Ma Bell’s network. Like other carriers MiFi-branded devices, the MiFi 2372 for AT&T will connect up to five other devices to the Internet across AT&T’s wireless network, and it supports AT&T’s HSPA 7.2 network (where available).

MiFi devices are small mobile hotspots that connect to the Internet through a wireless network, and then broadcast that connection over a short range WiFi network. Connect your device, say an iPod touch, an iPad, or a laptop, and you can carry your own mobile hotspot around with you. Sprint and Verizon both carry mobile hotspot products, and Verizon offers the iPad bundled with such a device.

AT&T Mobile Hotspot MiFi 2372 is priced at $149.99, but the company is offering a mail-in rebate of $100 to bring the after-rebate price down to $49.99. It will be available in AT&T stores starting on November 21st, 2010.


AT&T Mobile Hotspot MiFi 2372

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These portable hotspots are a necessity today. I highly recommend them over using an open access point


So howcome AT&T will let me use one of these but won’t let me use my iPhone for tethering???


they want you to pay more obviously

Lee Dronick

they want you to pay more obviously

If they would let use our iPhones for tethering then some may be willing to pay for that service. Also it is one less gadget to carry around.


What is the price of the monthly service contract that I assume has to go along with this?

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