AT&T Announces Shared Mobile Data Plans

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AT&T followed through on its plans to introduce family data options with its Wednesday announcement that Mobile Share plans will be available in August. The plans will include shared data for multiple smartphones, along with unlimited talk time and text messages.

AT&T family data plans coming in August“With new AT&T Mobile Share plans, available in late August, new and existing customers can share a single bucket of data across smartphones, tablets, and other compatible devices, plus get unlimited talk and text,” the company said in a statement.

The Mobile Share plans support up to 10 devices, and at least one must be a smartphone such as the iPhone. The plans also include data tethering, which is a feature that otherwise would include an additional fee.

Pricing starts at US$40 for 1GB of shared wireless data, plus $45 per smartphone. Each laptop costs $20 per month, and tablets costs $10 a month. Monthly fees for smartphones is lower with bigger data plans.

AT&T’s decision to offer family data plans follows a similar move from Verizon in June. Verizon’s data plans start at $50 for a 1GB cap with each smartphone adding $40 to the monthly cost.

Smartphone owners can check out the Mobile Share plans at the AT&T website.

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For the two iPhones we have on AT&T right now we pay $105 before taxes. These new plans would cost us $130 at the minimum; so on the surface it looks like a bad deal.

But we would have 1GB shared data versus 200MB each (not shared). My wife’s plan would pick up unlimited texting versus 200 and I would pick up unlimited texting versus nothing. We would also gain unlimited talk versus 700 shared minutes with rollover. This makes the plan look interesting. The clincher would be the tethering of our iPad and soon to be second iPad. We buy wifi only models. If these are tethered at no extra charge then we might go for one of these plans.


Unfortunately, I would lose my grandfathered unlimited data plan on my iPhone if I switched over to this plan…


I would do this, and then get the iPad for 10 more dollars added.
Like skipaq, I first thought this was more expensive, and it is, but we should get much more for a slight increase.


Might be OK for a family with heavy usage, but as a single user with light usage this is a non-starter.

AT&T’s ordinary pricing is hight (for me) and they recently jacked up their GoPhone plan pricing for smartphones. Sorry, AT&T - I’m gone already.


This is AT&T’s way of raising the prices and lowering the quality of service they have to provide you. They try and make it sound really good when it is really just a bait and switch type of advertising.
Don’t fall for it, unless you like paying more for what you already have and getting less service for it. Oh and look at there Advertising picture, it says UNLIMITED DATA AND TEXT. What’s wrong with this?
They got rid of unlimited data, so they are false advertising on top of trying to sell you less for more money!


It says “Unlimited Talk and Text” which is not false advertising.

Lee Dronick

A couple of thoughts.

My wife and I are grandfathered on the AT&T unlimited data plan. However, we currently don’t use no where near the unlimited amount so we could go with a cheaper plan. Note the keyword “currently”, that could change in the future if we start using more apps that send and fetch data. I am starting to use Siri more, much of our texts are iMessages, and of course PhotoStream. I kind of like the idea of either unlimited data or a big allowance at a decent price.

We have “free” mobile-to-mobile minutes and most of our calls are to other cell phones. Thus far this month we have used 0 minutes of our 700 minute plan. Most months it is only a few minutes so we have accumulated 8000 rollover minutes (some are the gift from AT&T). Of course that free mobile-to-mobile paid for somehow in my bill, nothing is really free.

In short I really need to take a look at the new plan and see if there is a significant savings.


Not surprisingly our plan with 5 phones (4 iPhones and a “simi-smart” phone with no data plan) would probably go down and get more data. Crazy thing is that if we move from the 4GB/$70 plan to the 6GB/$90 plan we save $5 because the 5 phones would each be $5 cheaper. This may be very interesting. I sense that semi-smart phone toter is going to be asking for an iPhone for Christmas with this plan available!

The tethering will be a plus that will allow us to use our laptop and iPad on the road.

We have two other kids on other plans because we had the 5 phone limit. I suspect bringing them into the fold would save us all money too.

I’m seriously checking this out.

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