AT&T Begins Confirming Free 1000 Rollover Minutes

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AT&T has begun sending customers confirmation notices for the company’s most recent offer of 1000 free rollover minutes. Ma Bell offered some customers the free minutes on September 1st (The Mac Observer explained then how to accept the minutes even if you hadn’t been offered them), but confirmation that they had been issued is just now beginning.

AT&T Confirmation Notice

AT&T Confirmation Notice

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The Pixelated

Got mine! Score!


Got mine today smile

Steve K.

Who uses the phone that much?  How about rollover data?

Lee Dronick

Who uses the phone that much?? How about rollover data?

Steve I have currently have 6500+ rollover minutes with another 1000 coming with this deal. Most of my calls were iPhone to iPhone or other AT&T cell phone so I built up quite a deposit of rollover minutes. Now my AT&T account includes free iPhone to any cell phone in the USA so my rollover minutes will get even larger.

Rollover data? Yes that would be nice. I am still grandfathered in the unlimited data plan, but that could change in the future. Even still I don’t use the amount of data included with the capped plan.


Yep, I got my text confirmation today.  I’ll wait to cheer when I see them on my bill.  <GRIN>

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