AT&T Boosts International Data Plans

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AT&T announced Tuesday changes to the company’s international data plans. The changes increase the amount of data consumers are allowed to use between 150% to 400% in each of four tiered plans, with the same prices on two of them, and lower prices on the other two.

An international data plan allows users to use the Internet on their smartphones and other AT&T-connected devices when travelling outside the U.S. AT&T has a webpage posted with the countries covered under the plans.

The four tiers:

  • 50MB package for $24.99/month compared to the current 20MB package for $24.99/month
  • 125MB package for $49.99/month compared to the current 50MB package for $59.99/month
  • 275MB package for $99.99/month compared to the current 100MB package for $119.99/month
  • 800MB package for $199.99/month compared to the current 200MB package for $199.99/month

Anything over your tier’s andwidth allotment is charged at $10 for 10MB.

All of which means that international data consumption is still on the expensive side, but it’s now less so.

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