AT&T Confirms iPhone MMS Compatibility with Other Carriers

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AT&T has confirmed for The Mac Observer that the iPhone MMS support the company rolled out earlier on Friday is compatible with other carriers. That means that an AT&T customer with an iPhone can send and receive MMS messages to and from MMS users on other carriers, or to and from non-iPhone MMS capable devices on AT&T's network.

AT&T rolled out support for MMS, a texting platform that allows for multimedia attachments to text messages to be viewed or played inline with the message itself. Apple added this ability to the iPhone with the introduction of iPhone OS 3.0 at its World Wide Developer's Conference in June, with AT&T implementing what it needed to do to support the feature earlier on Friday.

TMO has received questions from readers about this support, with some reporting that they received incoming MMS messages from users on other carriers the way the iPhone has previously handled such message, as plan SMS text with a link to the MMS graphic that can be viewed through a browser.

An AT&T spokesperson told TMO that MMS between devices on other U.S. carriers is supported -- MMS is a standard. We'd like to hear from users on their continued experiences with users on other networks.

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So far nobody in Toledo with an iPhone can send a MMS photo. They can receive them though…

How hard is it to implement old technology anyway?? (AT&T, I’m looking at you)

Lee Dronick

I have been able to send and receive MMS with other iPhone users, but have not tried it with non-iPhone users. However, my wife has tried MMS with non-iPhone users and has not yet had any luck.

My sister who has an iPhone 3GS sent me a video and I could view that. I “saved” it and it went into my iPhone’s camera roll.


I have a 2g phone,  after three attempts to upgrade to 3.1 (thinking I was going to be able to use new MMS w/image) iTunes crashed during first try, phone backup would not work, finally got it done late last night. I attempt to send a text with photo and I don’t have a photo icon. I upgrade my wife’s 3g.  No problems, and her text message does allow the addition of a photo which I send to my phone and I get a f——g link to AT&T multi-media site with a user code and password you can’t copy and paste!

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

iPhone MMS on AT&T is not working with LGs on Verizon. The text portion goes through, but not the picture.

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