AT&T Details 3G MicroCell Service

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AT&T's promised MicroCell service is ramping up for launch, so the company rolled out a new Web site that details what users can expect once the service is available in their area. The service rollout means 3G-compatible phone customers, including iPhone 3G and 3GS owners, can boost their signal strength in poor coverage areas like their home or office.

To take advantage of the service, AT&T customers will need to buy a MicroCell device and connect it to their own broadband Internet connection. The MicroCell will transmit calls through the local network and hand them off to an AT&T cell tower if the caller moves out of range.

AT&T customers can make calls using their current plan's voice minutes, or for an additional monthly fee they can add unlimited monthly minutes for all calls made through the MicroCell.

Currently, MicroCells are available in only a few markets, but the AT&T Web site includes a Zip code-based availability checker so customers can see if they are in a coverage area.

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interesting… that would enable chucking of the land line…


This sounded like the perfect solution for my dreadful iPhone situation until I read rumors about a possible monthly fee for the device.  Does ATT really think we’re that stupid?

I’m one of the many people who can’t get a signal at my home, yet I’m forced to buy a $40/month voice plan and $30 for unlimited data whether I want it or not.  That’s a lot for voice and data that I can’t access where I live and work. 

If ATT can’t provide service to a customer’s home within their coverage area, they should provide the MicroCell for no additional charge (since we’re already paying $80/month for service we’re not getting).

I pay Comcast $45/month for bandwidth that actually works, and ATT wants to charge me an additional $20/month to tap into it?  They should pay ME for the privilege.

Despite what “Seth the blogger guy” says <>, I see no indication that ATT “gets it”.  ATT should stop charging for service they can’t provide.

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