AT&T Drops Reburb iPhone 3GS to $9

AT&T has made getting an iPhone more affordable by dropping the price of the refurbished 8GB iPhone 3GS down to US$9 with a two-year contract.

iPhone 3GS, now with less cashinessHow about $9 for an iPhone 3GS?

Apple and AT&T sell new iPhone 3GS units for $49, which is still an inexpensive option, but the lower priced refurbished model has led to speculation that the cell service provider is clearing out inventory ahead of a new iPhone launch. Rumors claim some form of iPhone — or possibly iPhones — will be released by September.

Apple isn’t saying when the next iPhone model will hit store shelves, so for now customers are left to wade through rumors waiting to see what the company has up its sleeve.

Whether or not Apple and AT&T are blowing out iPhone inventories ahead of a new product launch, $9 for an iPhone is a pretty good deal.