AT&T Drops "There's A Map For That" Suit Against Verizon

AT&T has dropped its suit against Verizon over the latter's "There's A Map For That" ad campaign. AT&T sued Verizon accusing the company of making misleading ads that would incorrectly cause consumers to think that AT&T didn't offer any sort of cell phone coverage in broad portions of the U.S.

The ads used a play on Apple's own "There's an App for That" slogan in comparing Verizon's 3G coverage to AT&T's. As AT&T uses EDGE and other platforms to cover large portions of the U.S., and in Verizon's ads, those areas were colored white, which AT&T said is an industry convention for denoting no coverage. In its suit, the company wanted the ads pulled.

A judge rejected AT&T's claim that the ads were deceptive, however. For one thing, in Verizon's ads AT&T's coverage maps are clearly labeled "AT&T's 3G Coverage." Today's formal dropping of the suit is, therefore, merely a formality.