AT&T Exec Seeks MacBook Deal with Apple

An AT&T executive has hinted that his company would like to work out some kind of deal with Apple over a subsidized MacBook or other laptop tied to a data plan from the cell carrier.  In an interview with Fortune magazine, Glen Lurie told the magazine that he had recently met with Apple COO Tim Cook, though he was mum on the specifics of those talks.

In recent months, AT&T has begun promotions wherein the company works with PC manufacturers to offer netbook computers for as low as $99 provided the customer signs up for a two-year data plan with the wireless carrier. The cell carrier thinks that other digital devices beyond cell phones could be the key to expanding its customer base, and has tasked Mr. Lurie, who hashed out the original iPhone deal with Apple, with bringing more of those devices to AT&T.

Of course, Apple has yet to offer a netbook computer, making a paring between the two on something other than an iPhone less obvious. Fortune's John Fortt, however, asked Mr. Lurie if AT&T would ever offer a subsidized MacBook with a data plan.

Mr. Lurie played coy with his answer, and after pointing out that he had recently met with  Apple COO Tim Cook, said, "We're having conversations with lots of folks. I would very much like to do more business with Apple, and hope that we do."