AT&T Expands MicroCell Coverage Areas

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The number of AT&T MicroCell service areas is on the rise, but is still limited to only a handfull of locations. The coverage areas AT&T just added include Las Vegas, San Diego, Georgia and South Carolina.

AT&T's MicroCell service offers improved wireless signals for 3G-compatible phones, including the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS, by linking a special transceiver into the broadband Internet connection in user's office or home. The company's initial MicroCell launch was in North Carolina in 2009.

Users interested in signing up for AT&T's can check for availability at the AT&T M3G MicroCell Web site.

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Lee Dronick

I wish they would put them in San Francisco and New York City before the places where the service wasn’t so bad to begin with.


SF and NY represent the king-high-hairballs of cell phone coverage.  My guess is that they started in small markets to work the obvious bugs out before moving up to the medium-sized markets like San Diego and Las Vegas.  I’m sure once AT&T is confident that the service is solid enough they’ll move it into the congested areas as quickly as possible.

Note, too, that there’s a lot more than just selling the boxes to make this happen.  All of the cell towers in the area need to be upgraded to accommodate the new signals.


All of the cell towers in the area need to be upgraded to accommodate the new signals.

Hagen, the AT&T Microcell doesn’t talk to the towers as it’s a femtocell and not a repeater. The AT&T Microcell connects over the internet to AT&T’s network and thus can technically be used anywhere in the world that has a fast enough data connection. The reason why AT&T hasn’t rolled them out to everyone is because the devices work in licensed frequencies and AT&T can’t tread on other party’s licensed property without having an agreement before hand.

Personally I’d prefer a handset that was UMA. Then it wouldn’t matter if I was in NY or SF, as a wifi connection would be all I’d need.

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