AT&T Extends Unlocking to Deployed Military Personnel

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AT&T began unlocking off-contract iPhones on Sunday, and it seems the company also extended that service to active-duty military personnel, even if still under contract.

MacRumors reported that while wireless carriers are required by U.S. law to suspend service for deployed military personnel without penalty, AT&T has gone a step further. Upon presentation of military orders, AT&T will unlock iPhones even if still under contract. This allows those iPhones to be used in other countries by simply purchasing a SIM card from an overseas carrier.

AT&T unlocking iPhones for deployed militaryAT&T unlocking iPhones for deployed military

AT&T official unlock process makes it easier for military personell to use their iPhones while deployed outside of the United States without resorting to jailbreaking. It also would be possible to purchase a SIM card from T-Mobile to use the phone in the U.S.

AT&T didn’t comment, but MacRumors was able to confirm the deal. Military personnel should contact their local AT&T store or customer service representative to inquire about this service.

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They should really do what VZ and Sprint do, which is unlock them for anyone in good standing. It is not as if unlocking stops your contract, and it is not as if you don’t still need to pay your monthly bill to AT&T for the next two years - but you should be able to travel abroad using your iPhone just like VZ and Sprint let you do now - without paying the carrier exorbitant fees for international roaming? Sprint and VZ will unlock your iPhone as soon as a month after you started your contract. Why should AT&T customers need to wait 2 years?

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