AT&T Free Rollover Minute Offer Still Available

AT&T offered up a week long promotional deal at the beginning of September where iPhone subscribers could earn 1,000 free rollover minutes through a simple text message, but it seems the company has been honoring the deal even after the program officially ended.

Procrastinators can still get free minutes from AT&TAT&T still honoring free minutes deal

To get the free rollover minutes, AT&T subscribers needed to text “yes” to 11113020 by September 7, 2011. AT&T, however, isn’t checking the dates when users sent their messages because at least some subscribers that responded later in the month have been getting their free minute notifications, too.

That’s good news for procrastinators and AT&T customers that didn’t find out about the deal before the 7th, and it only takes a single text to get in on the free offer which makes it easy work even for lazy iPhone owners.