AT&T Gearing Up for September iPhone 5 Launch

AT&T is apparently ramping up for a September launch of Apple’s next generation iPhone. Apple skipped its usual late June iPhone launch window this year, and has been expected to release an iPhone 5 model some time this fall, although the company hasn’t confirmed when the next iPhone will ship.

Apple crystal ballNew iPhones in September? Could be

Word of the September iPhone5 launch comes courtesy of Boy Genius Report and anonymous sources claiming AT&T’s retail stores are on a training deadline ahead of the rollout so additional staff can be on hand to handle the expected higher foot traffic.

Apple hasn’t confirmed that the iPhone 5 will launch in September, although the company has said that iOS 5 will be launching in the fall. If a fall iPhone refresh is in the works, rolling out the new hardware along with the updated operating system could be part of the company’s plan.

Since Apple isn’t talking about the next iPhone model, reports of a September launch should be treated as rumors.