AT&T Gives Colorado 3G Upgrade

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Colorado front range iPhone owners look to be getting some relief from their on-again-off-again 3G coverage thanks to a network upgrade AT&T just completed. The upgraded area includes Denver, Boulder, Loveland, Fort Collins and Greeley, and AT&T says subscribers should see better coverage indoors, along with improved network capacity.

The upgrade should improve reception and Internet coverage for iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and other 3G-capable phones on AT&T's network.

The company also said that it plans to start working on adding HSPS 7.2 support to its coverage areas sometime "in the fourth quarter, with completion expected in 2011." That upgrade should offer improved coverage and faster Internet speeds for iPhone 3GS owners.

The Mac Observer's tests throughout Denver and Boulder seem to back up AT&T's claims, which is a pleasant surprise considering all of the temporary dead spaces we had to deal with during the upgrade process.


Jeff Gamet

It’s nice to see AT&T actively upgrading its network. Considering how fast the smartphone market is growing, I’m betting AT&T will be putting in some overtime to beef up its infrastructure.

John Martellaro

I have never been able to routinely, reliably use my 3G or 3GS where I live, a fairly rural area.  This week, I’ve noticed that instead of No Service, I’m getting a few bars and can almost make a call.  However, when almost touching the Cell Ranger I reviewed, I get 5 bars and can actually carry on a conversation.  WooHoo! As Jeff told me… only took two years.

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