AT&T Has Shared Data Plans in the Works

AT&T logoAT&T CEO Ralph de la Vega said his company has plans for shared data offerings for customers. He shared that tidbit during an interview at the AllThingsD D9 conference this week, but didn’t offer up much in the way of details.

Mr. de la Vega noted that consumers are carrying more portable devices thanks to the popularity of the iPhone and iPad, and they want to be online with all of them.

“You may want a shared plan. We’re working on one,” he said. “It will be soon. I can’t comment on a quarter [when it will launch] but it will be soon.”

Mr. de la Vega didn’t say how customers would be able to use a shared data plan. Presumably, they would be able to use a single 3G wireless data plan with their smartphone and tablet, and a mobile 3G hotspot device.